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Hi, I'm Jamal Johnson. I’ll be sharing the best of what I’ve learned about navigating the world while living with ADHD. Here you’ll find:• Action Maps and Guides for life’s big transitions, tailored for ADHD and useful for everyone.• My Newsletter on managing modern life with resilience and joy.• The First 5 Years, a group coaching community for financial wellbeing and work-life balance.• Coaching for knowledge workers with ADHD on creating systems for work and life that enhance executive function and cut down on overwhelm.Get more resources here!


I offer 3 or 6-month coaching services for people navigating topics related to life planning, career development, business challenges, and healthcare advocacy.We explore emotions, thought patterns, set achievable goals, use positive reinforcement to sort through complex systems.We create easy-to-follow roadmaps that break down overwhelming problems into manageable steps.If you want support to make meaningful progress in your life, schedule a call.


Contact me for a 15 minute strategy session here:

Coming Soon: A weekly newsletter of tips and tricks to take the pain out of forms and infrastructure for life